Territorial and thematic Presidia

VIS Presidia are associations or groups, members of the Participants’ Assembly, one of VIS social bodies, authorized to operate as territorial or thematic presence of the NGO. They undertake to implement initiatives in their own reference territory or thematic area according to a national coordination plan approved by the Participants’ Assembly.

Maintaining full autonomy and responsibility and always seeking dialogue with the missionary animation of the local Salesian Province, Presidia:

  • promote and collaborate in the implementation of educational campaigns and projects in Italy;
  • promote the support of development projects around the world;
  • promote the experiences of the voluntary Civil Service in Italy and abroad and of the Civil Peace Corps;
  • promote and participate in training sessions organized by Rome Headquarters; 

To date, 6 institutions have been authorized to operate as Presidium

Person in charge: Romana Pian

Address: Via San Giovanni Bosco 14/r – Genova

Registered office: Via Antonio Cantore 23/15 – Genova 16151 

Telephone: (+39) 010 6469 193 – (+39) 333 5930 899

Email: direzione@sullealidelmondo.org – info@sullealidelmondo.org –  segreteria@sullealidelmondo.org

Website: www.sullealidelmondo.org

Person in charge: Emma Colombatti

Telephone: (+39) 345 2929 508

Email: e.colombatti@volint.it

Green Professionals for Development (interdisciplinary group of experts promoting environmental enhancement in international cooperation)

Person in charge: Jennifer Avakian

Telephone: (+39) 349 5735 193

Email: j.avakian@libero.it

Person in charge: Isoardi Adriano

Telephone: (+39) 339 8826 276

Email: Adriano.Isoardi@unicredit.eu

Person in charge: Don Luca De Muro

Address: Via Don Bosco 8 – Napoli 81100

Telephone: (+39) 349 747 5361

Email: lucademuro@donboscoalsud.it

Person in charge: Rita Galdi

Address: Via San Domenico Savio 4 – Salerno 84124

Telephone: (+39) 348 9177 902

Email: salernovispangea@gmail.com

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VIS is a nongovernmental organization established in 1986. Engaged in development cooperation, international solidarity it is also an educational agency promoting and organizing awareness raising, education and training in the field of sustainable development and global citizenship.

Believing the causes of extreme poverty can be tackled at their root through education and training, VIS aim is to improve the quality of life of children and youth in vulnerable situations together with their communities.

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Contact info

VIS Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo - ONLUS -  Nongovernmental organization promoted by the Centro Nazionale Opere Salesiane

Headquarters: Via Appia Antica 126, Rome
(+39) 06516291