International volunteers and interns

In some countries and in some specific cases VIS also includes young volunteers in the context of the projects managed by the organization. They, sometimes, coming from the “Salesian world”, make themselves available for a limited period to support VIS missions in various countries, with tasks to be defined based on their own profile. The length of stay varies from 2 to 6 months and placement is required and agreed upon with the local VIS offices which will have to welcome and accompany the volunteers. Accommodation is offered by VIS which also takes care of the insurance costs. Travel and food expenses are the responsibility of the volunteers, 

VIS has signed with some Masters’ and some Italian universities agreements for curricular internships for students interested in acquiring concrete tools and applying the knowledge acquired in the academic career to the programs and projects that VIS carries out in Italy and abroad. These are training experiences which, through the support of VIS professionals, facilitate the acquisition of skills and knowledge for the development of a career in this area.

Accommodation and insurance coverage are guaranteed to interns abroad, while travel and food expenses are the responsibility of the participants.

How participate

A mailing list discloses time to time placement opportunities. To register send an email to, specifying in the subject: mailing list insertion.

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VIS is a nongovernmental organization established in 1986. Engaged in development cooperation, international solidarity it is also an educational agency promoting and organizing awareness raising, education and training in the field of sustainable development and global citizenship.

Believing the causes of extreme poverty can be tackled at their root through education and training, VIS aim is to improve the quality of life of children and youth in vulnerable situations together with their communities.

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VIS Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo - ONLUS -  Nongovernmental organization promoted by the Centro Nazionale Opere Salesiane

Headquarters: Via Appia Antica 126, Rome
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